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Video-clip of Vivianne Stayner's song "onde está você", shot and directed by Riccardo Migliore

Last Sunday i had the pleasure to begin the production of the videoclip "onde está você", based on a beautiful song written by Vivianne Stayner, a musician/singer/composer from Campina Grande (Brazil). Previously, i've promised to Vivianne that i would have shot a video clip as i really loved her music. So here we go...Last Sunday we achieved (the tough job) to shoot the most "on the road" part of the clip, from her hometown Campina Grande, to the "Pedra de Sto Antônio" (Saint Anthony Stone), a pittoresque, amazing spot, located on the top of one of the region's highest hills, allowing to contemplate a beautiful panorama. We shot this main part of the clip in a very few hours, during the short  afternoon typical of this subtropical region (at 5:30 PM normally it starts to get dark). Honestly, i thought that we wouldn't make it, i mean, getting up there and achieve to use natural light. But we made it, of course with the help of the Saint. 
Obviously i'm not going to reveal the whole synopsis before we launch the video, but let's say that in its diegesis, the images dialogue with the song's lyrics, which is inherent to a return to the past, specifically, about an interrupted friendship. The lyrics are Vivianne's and she said that the music was composed by her friend Val Donato. Vivianne has already chosen a few frames from the rough cut that i've already provided (Sunday night).
Below, you can find a few "frames" of the clip, chosen by the artist herself (Vivianne):

Soon i'll post a link to watch the entire clip (for the readers of this blog).

Thanks for your time and attention,

Riccardo Migliore
(Fimmaker/Independent Producer/Documentary maker/Post Graduation Student of Communication-Audiovisual Media Cultures at PPGC-UFPB, Brazil)

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