segunda-feira, 20 de maio de 2013

"Distorção de uma paixão" (Distortion of a passion), a micro film by Riccardo Migliore, in the online festival "MINUTO AD"

Distorção de uma paixão (Distortion of a passion) is the one-minute -version of my short film A chave da maré (2010). The micro film is competing in the online film festival MINUTO AD, specifically, in the event "Em briga de marido e mulher se mete a colher", sponsored by Avon.
The micro film is about a common hallucination, that is, a passion (love affair) from the past that literally mix up with the "warm" present of the main character, Helena. The video intentionally means to provoke, for it aims to stir morality and the so called proper costumes. But finally, genre, sexual orientation and most of the situations in "Distorção de uma paixão" (As well as in "A chave da maré") must be understood in a symbolic way. The core of the diegesis is a fusion between past and present, between  an intense but brief love affair lived before, and an average relationship that Helena is actually into. Memories, imagination, daydreaming. And all that jazz...
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Riccardo Migliore

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