quarta-feira, 7 de novembro de 2012

Riccardo's new doc "Such a musical heritage" about Benedito do Rojão

Happy and satisfied about the sequence i've shot yesterday with Mr Benedito at the real whorehouse (closed since a few decades) where the finest musicians from Paraíba and other Brazilian states used to performe at the time (during the '40s and the '50s, particularly). Officially, the place was a Casino, and only the city's "elite" used to be guests at the "Eldorado". Politicians, lawyers, doctors and rich farmers, used to be there all the time. In the same road, located in the heart of Campina Grande's main open air market, there were at least four or five music shows at the same time. But the "Eldorado" was the main place. Casino and whorehouse at the time, today is the home of a few drunkards, and yesterday, one of them kindly let us in. 

I took these pictures outside the place, approximately at 5pm, after we shot a good video sequence inside and outside the place, with the sweet, deep, lovely light of 4:30pm. 

The documentary has the international title "Such a musical heritage", because Mr Benedito was a friend and the pupil of "Jackson do Pandeiro", one of the best Brazilian musicians ever. Jackson used to take young Benedito (14 years old at the time) in the whorehouse, where he used to play with his band, and sometimes let the kid to play a part with them. Benedito do Rojão still produces his music under the influence of Jackson' s forró, rojão, samba, coco, and many other Brazilian musical styles.

The documentary will be ready by February or March 2013. Any info, please feel free to contact me:



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