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 A feature documentary by Riccardo Migliore

Picture/Art design by Riccardo Migliore

Synopsis in English
The film presents various MMA fighters from Campina Grande, as we’ve been filming them for over one year. The city is the source of many fighters since the time of Master Ivan Gomes, an international athlete who didn’t lose one single fight between more than 230. We show the daily struggles of today’s fighters from Campina Grande, anyone with a different background and personality, therefore, this documentary emphasizes social and human complexity. Their professional achievements also vary, as the film includes athletes like Jean “White Bear” Silva, former Cage Rage’s champion; veterans like Edson “Paredão”, who already fought against tough guys as Junior dos Santos (Cigano), or Forrest Griffin; And Brazilian Top Team's golden kid Toninho "Fúria". While Campina keeps on producing young champions like Isac Almeida, Puma, JP Santos, Stênio, Mumbuca, Ceará, Digão and Rogério Souza. 
Technical details:
Shooting Format: DV
Sound: stereo
Time: 71 minutes (and 49 seconds)
Exhibition formats: BETA SP, DV, DVCAM, digital
Written, shot, photographed, produced, directed and edited by Riccardo Migliore
Music by: DJ Hunter (Nila Araújo).

Picture/Art design by Riccardo Migliore
The film is about the following athletes:
Jean “white bear” Silva, Edson Paredão, Valderi Silva, Puma, Toninho Fúria, Kell Santos, Isac Almeida, Thiago Macedo, Vanderlan Targino, João Paulo Santos, Stênio Barbosa, Rodrigo Mumbuca, Rogério Souza, Fábio Sapo, Jefferson Fibiru, Rodrigo Digão Silva, Rodrigo Bomba, Rômulo, Waldson Samurai.   

Jean Silva (Former Cage Rage Champion) and Riccardo Migliore (Director)

Riccardo Migliore’s biography:
Born in Milan, Italy (1977), lives in Brazil since 2004. Independent documentary maker, recently has been awarded for the best medium lenght film in the 6th South America Human Rights Film Festival (6a Mostra de Cinema e Direitos Humanos na América do Sul http://www.cinedireitoshumanos.org.br/2012/rio_de_janeiro_premiados.php),with the documentary "Barras e barreiras, retrato de Kelly Alves (Kelly Alves, portrait of a transexual)". Since March 2010 is working as a freelance advisor for the Brazilian Ministry of Culture, Secretary of the Audiovisual. Directed various low budget documentaries, many of them selected in either national or international film festivals like, between others: It's all true/International Documentary Film festival/State of Things (2011); Cineport – International Portuguese Speaking Countries Film festival (2007, 2011), In-Edit Brasil/International Music Documentary Festival (2011), 6ª Rassegna Brasil Cinema Contemporaneo (Milan, Italy 2011), Zanzibar International Film Festival (2007), Cinesul – Latin America Film Festival(2011), Mostra Internacional do filme etnográfico/International Ethnographic Film Festival (2009), Cine Documenta (2010, 2011), Festival Prêmio Roberto Rossellini/Roberto Rossellini Award Festival (Italy, 2004), 2nd International Uranium Film Festival (Rio de Janeiro, June 2012). In Milan he studied Arts (Highschool at Liceo Artístico I) and Filmmaking (Scuola del Cinema, TV e Nuovi Media – Fondazione Scuole Civiche di Milano, 1997-98 and 2001-2003), and worked for a few production companies like Mercurio Cinematografica. Participated of workshops with international professionals of the film Industry, like Gianfilippo Pedote, Gianni Squitieri, Bruno d’Annunzio, Renzo Rossellini, Mohammed Kalari, Yesim Ustaoglu, Marcélia Cartaxo, Ralf Tambke between others; And also taught in workshops such as: introduction to photography, filmmaking and non-fiction films (UFCG, 2008-2009). Recently graduated in Social Sciences at the Federal University of Campina Grande (UFCG), researching Visual Anthropology and actually is submitting for a Master Degree in Social Communication, researching "mise-en-scène" in local documentaries (Paraíba, Brazil).

Toninho Furia (BTT), Riccardo Migliore (Director/Producer) and Kell Santos (TFT)

Riccardo Migliore’s Filmography:
1. Documentary  "Nguso Ngana Abundo -  negritude que beleza", 2005; 2. Documentary "Ingá-Cheio d' água", 2006; 3. Documentary "A bruxa da Flor de Ouro", 2006; 4. Documentary  "Cantou o galo e gemeu a ema" , 2007; 5. Documentário  "A casa louca" , 2007; 6. Documentary  "Bons auspícios, amor que engorda (good wishes, feeding love)", 2008; 7. Documentary "Talhado" de José Aderivaldo (as a Director of Photography); 8. Documentary "A batida da Lua Nova", 2009; 9. Fiction/Exp. "Luzes de uma noite (shining bright night)", 2009; 10. Documentary  "A cultura do Repente:   uma vídeo-interação com os poetas populares de Campina Grande", 2010; 11. Fiction/Exp. "A chave da maré(The tide's key)", 2010; 12. Documentary "De repente é poesia", 2010; 13. Documentary "Seu Cavaco, Dom Bandolim e o Choro de Mestre Duduta na Rainha da Borborema (Master Duduta and friend)", 2011; 14. Documentary "Barras e Barreiras, Retrato de Kelly Alves (Kelly Alves, portrait of a transexual)", 2011; 15. Documentary "Era uma vez na cidade atômica (Once upon a time in the atomic city)", 2011; Documentary "Aqui Vale Tudo (A Fighting Tradition)", 2012. 16. Documentary "Such a musical heritage", 2012/2013 (works in progress).

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