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My documentary "Master Duduta and friends" was screened in California, US

It's with such a honor that i let my friends and the readers of this blog to know about the screening of my documentary "Master Duduta and friends" (Riccardo Migliore & Thaíse Carvalho, 2011), in Sausalito, California, USA, on October the 2nd, 2012. Actually, it's the first time that one of my productions is exhibited in the US. Thanks to the Tiburon Film Society for the selection and the demonstration of esteem. 

Anybody interested in purchasing the documentary for broadcasting, pay-per-view, video-on-demand, or whatever form of exhibition? The film is being distributed worldwide by Elo Company ( Feel free to contact Margot Brandão: or Elo's phone number's 0055-11-3023.0173.   

My considerations: It's a simple documentary that i've made (with the help of Ms Thaíse Carvalho, journalist/TV reporter) without any grant, sponsorship or whatever kind of co-production. As Glauber Rocha used to say, it's that kind of "an idea in mind and a camera in hand"-like-stuff. Of course, Master Duduta's fine "chorinho" (also called "Brazilian Jazz"), helps the documentary to be appreciated by the audience, so it compensates the lack of financial support in terms of production and post-production.

Master João Ribeiro "Duduta"

Well, to have such a no-budget production selected by a film society like Tiburon's, it's a reason of a great pride, by one side, and of a great gratitude with the TIFF's staff, by the other.

Riccardo Migliore and Thaíse Carvalho, @ the 16th It's all True - International Documentary Film Festival
Finally, i'm definitely satisfied considering the film's career, started in March, 2011, in S.Paulo, Brazil, in the context of a festival where i always wanted to be selected "one day", since i was studying filmmaking in Milan, in 2001! That selection in the "non-competitive" State of Things session of "IT'S ALL TRUE" (10 films only, and along with an IDFA winner documentary) is still a reason of a huge pride or, said in other terms, it was like a good dose of oxigen that is still giving me some kind of relief in the tough road of professional filmmaking. It would be tough anyway, if i could just "fight", or let's say, compete, with equal means. But it's fucking hard while, to let some recomended pricks to appear like the "great ones", others just like me, are systematically kept below-the-water-like, with no sponsorship or stuff like that. Eight years that i'm living in Brazil and i'm still producing on my own, with no sponsorships at all, not even by my university (UFCG). 

That reminds me a passage of the Holy Bible, that goes like:

3:13each man's work will be revealed. For the Day will declare it, because it is revealed in fire; and the fire itself will test what sort of work each man's work is. 3:14If any man's work remains which he built on it, he will receive a reward 

(The first Epistle of Paul the Apostle to the Corinthians 03:13, 03:14).
That's why the fact of "Master Duduta and Friends" being selected and screened in the US by the Tiburon Film Society, is another great pleasure, satisfaction and a reason to go on, keep on doing in this unfair struggle of making my way in the realm of professional documentary making...even after all!

Riccardo Migliore - Independent Filmmaker
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