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Press Release: The best Nuclear Films 2012 announced

 Press Release: The best Nuclear Films 2012 announced

8 Nominees selected for 2012 Uranium Film Festival Award

Rio de Janeiro, RJ, (May, 01, 2012) -  The 2nd International Uranium Film Festival has nominated eight films representing eight countries for its Award, the Yellow Oscar, in three categories: Best Short, Best Feature and Best Animation. The Festival starts 6 days after the next Earth Summit (Rio plus 20) in the Cinema of the famous Modern Art Museum of Rio de Janeiro called MAM. Between June 28th until July 13th, the Uranium Film Festival will screen over 50 films from all continents about atomic bombs, nuclear energy, uranium mining and radioactive dangers. The film festival will culminate in the awards ceremony on Saturday, July 14th at the same location.

The 2012 nominees are:

Best Short

Atomic Bombs on The Planet Earth
Peter Greenaway
Production: Change Performing Arts of Milan
Netherlands/United Kingdom, 2011, 12 min,

Jadugoda the black magic
India, 2009, 9 min

Fikapaus (Coffee Break)
Marko Kattilakoski
Sweden, 2011, 14 min

Best Feature

The Red Button (Czerwony Guzik)
Ewa Pieta & Miroslaw Grubek
Production: Miroslaw Grubek, Slawomir Grunberg
Poland/USA, 2011, 52 min

Not for Public Release: a Nuclear Incident in Lock Haven
Bill Keisling
USA, 2010

Chernobyl: The invisible thief
Christoph Boekel
Production: ARTE - WDR
Germany, 2006, 59 min

Best Animation

Leonids Story
Rainer Ludwigs
Production: Tetyana Chernyavska
Germany / Ukraine, 2011, 19 min

Sacred Ground
Karen Aqua
USA, 1997, 9 min

What nominated Filmmakers and Directors say:

Bill Keisling, the director of `Not For Public Release: a Nuclear Incident in Lock Haven´ said: "Thank you for the good news that my documentary Not For Public Release has been nominated for a Yellow Oscar Award. The nuclear incident in Lock Haven, Pennsylvania, and its many victims, have received no publicity whatsoever from the corporate media in Pennsylvania and the United States. A Yellow Oscar Award from the Uranium Film Festival will not only shine light on my film, it will help to illuminate the plight of the many nuclear victims in the United States, most of whom are usually completely ignored by the government and media here. Thanks again."

"I was very proud and happy that Coffee Break was accepted to the festival. After being nominated for the Yellow Oscar 2012 I am even prouder and happier", said Yellow Oscar-Nominee Marko Kattilakoski from Sweden. "Coffee Break was a story I had to tell. The team I gathered believed in the idea and we made the film with minimal budget and a lot of heart."

"Because of responses like these from Bill or Marko, we are working hard for our uranium film festival to make it an important global event", comments the Uranium Film Festival's General Director and Founder Norbert G. Suchanek. See here the festival programme:


More Information / Contact:

Marcia Gomes de Oliveira
Executive Director
Uranium Film Festival



The Uranium Film Festival of Rio de Janeiro is organized by the Yellow Archives. The festival wants to stimulate the production of independent documentaries, movies and animated films about any nuclear issue. By awarding the Yellow Oscar, the Festival intends to support independent "nuclear" filmmakers to continue with their work and to give them more visibility.

The Yellow Archives, the presenting organization of the Uranium Film Festival, is a charitable cultural and educational organization dedicated to document and to raise global awareness about threatened cultures and peoples through the art of film and the moving image, and it is the first-ever film library in Latin America dedicated to films about the whole nuclear fuel chain and radioactivity. The Yellow Archives and the Uranium Film Festival are based in Rio de Janeiro, but they are global projects. After the events in Rio de Janeiro, the festival is travelling to other cities and countries. Last year the 1st International Uranium Film Festival travelled to the Brazilian Capitals São Paulo, Salvador, Recife, Fortaleza, Natal and João Pessoa and later to Portugal, Lisbon, Porto, Nisa and Peniche.

For a better World without Nuclear Risks: The Uranium Film Festival need your support. The Festival relies on the generosity of people and of culturally and socially conscious companies and Institutions. Please, make a difference, give today and join our family of supporters.


Festival Office Address
Uranium Film Festival
Rua Monte Alegre 356 / 301
Santa Teresa
Rio de Janeiro RJ
CEP 20240-190

Festival Location
Cinemateca do Museu de Arte Moderna MAM
Av Infante Dom Henrique 85
Parque do Flamengo
Rio de Janeiro - RJ
Brasil 20021-140


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