segunda-feira, 17 de junho de 2013

My new (experimental) documentary

It's a pleasure to announce the production of my new documentary. It's an experimental documentary about the body work (physical work) in some physical activities, like "Le Parkour", dance (reggaeton) and also break-dance.
Between the characters there are Bartolomeu Clementino ("Traceur" of "Le Parkour") and Giordana Leite (dancer). Below you can appreciate some images, actually some frames extracted from the footage we've shot until this moment (in Full HD, 24p, with a Canon EOS C100). Any single image comes either in the "flat" (flat colors) and "graded" (after color correction, gama, contrast etc). More information will be posted soon.

Bartolomeu Clementino, "traceur" (Le Parkour pro performer)
Giordana Leite, professional dancer



Wagner Souza, "traceur" (Le Parkour pro performer) from Recife


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