terça-feira, 30 de abril de 2013

Camera Upgrade: a few tests with my brand new Canon EOS C100

As everybody knows, well maybe not everybody, so let's say...at least those who are suffering from the same mental illness that has been affecting my brain for at least 16 years, called independent filmmaking (oops, videomaking)..seriously, we are not really normal, because a "normal" person, "normally", if the fortune knocks at his door and, after the above mentioned number of years, finally wins an award (in cash) as the result of a film festival's people choice (in 26 Brazilian State Capitals + Brasília, the federal capital) and finally, has got some money in his pocket, would use this cash to travel (to relax, after years spent making documentaries/short films and stuff without a single break), to buy a new car (my Fiat Palio, actually a low-middle or even middle class car, seems to have been used by the army during a war operation)...well, i'm proud to announce that i've used the amount i've got from "TV Brasil" regarding the award i won with my documentary "Kelly Alves, Portrait of a transsexual" in the 6th South America Human Rights film festival (Mostra de Cinema e Direitos Humanos na América do Sul)...to upgrade my equipment and film "tools". I've chosen a Canon EOS C100 to be the best choice for an independent documentary maker. I've been reading reviews, watched lots of reviews, comparing the C100 to Blackmagic, Canon 5d mark III and other cameras, but when B&H announced a further reduction in the price, i immediately told to myself: ...time to get it, Rick!

So i got my Canon EOS C100, a big upgrade for me from a Sony HVR Z1E and i'm definitely happy, this camera was a great choice. I also ordered 4 lenses (Canon EF 50mm, 28-135mm and 75-300mm; Rokinon 14mm), a 4TB HD, a couple of 32GB sdhc clas 10 cards, a Rode NTG-2 shotgun, another 4GB memory for my PC, another battery, and a set of lights. 
Well, all this blah blah was just to say..i've made a couple of tests, actually 3. The last, today, was such a ”sacrifice", as i've been shooting a few images during a dancing class, and you can imagine...the teacher was a veeeery very ugly chick!!!!!!! 

Of course she was not...but let's take it from the start:

(First test> simple lens test)

(Second test> flowers of my garden after a shower)

(3rd test> the hotty dancing blonde 'gal' that i was talking about...) 

I suggest to watch the videos in the 1080p mode (through the YouTube' interface).


Riccardo Migliore   

PS: As i'm following a strict self discipline and i'm doing in ADVANCE* every single task (seriously) regarding the Post Graduation course i'm attending in Communication at UFPB/Brazil...i'm thinking about my next documentary. I've got a few projects, at least four, but of course, i'll choose just one of them. I'll post something in the next few days, hopefully.

***Wise is the man who's aware of his limits, because that's the only way to "grow up", as a human being, and as a professional!

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